Hugely Increase What
Promoyze Can Do For You.

Hey, it’s Andrew, and I want to say thank you for joining Promoyze today.

Whether you want to just make videos for yourself or you want to sell those high converting marketing videos to clients, we are here to help you.

And the prime way to do this is by showing you how you can hugely increase what Promoyze can do for you.

We call this click & swap video template club, but it is so much more than that.

Open Up A Whole New Way Of Creating Voice Over For Videos.

It turns Promoyze into a platform which doesn’t just deliver unmatched variety of marketing videos that you can create with more click & swap video templates, but also opens up a whole new way of creating voice over for them.

Club allows you to add voice over to your videos with Amazon Polly, which is a service that turns text into lifelike speech.

Amazon Polly is an Amazon Artificial Intelligence service that uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesize speech that sounds like a human voice.

It includes dozens of lifelike voices across a variety of languages, so you can select the ideal voice and create lifelike voice over to make marketing videos targeting different languages.

Creating voice over from text does not get any better than that.

Create Better Videos For Your Business & Give Your Prospects More Reasons To Give You Theirs Money.

Also, because in Promoyze app, videos are created from click & swap video templates, those new templates, which you will get every month, will open up a large range of new videos that you can create and sell.

So, with Promoyze Club you can create better videos for your business and give your prospects more reasons to give you their money.

Get The Absolute Best Out Of Your Promoyze Software

The official price for Promoyze Club is 197 dollars signing fee and then $97 per month, but because your are a new Promoyze member, we are going to offer you this one time chance to get large discount to the subscription, and in addition to that, we will also drop the signup fee completely.

So let me explain exactly what you will get when you became Promoyze Club member.

When you are Promoyze Club member you get access to our large and growing library of click & swap marketing video templates and reasonably unlimited text-to-voice over powered by Amazon Polly.

You will be getting superior quality done-for-you click & swap ready promotional, advertisement, and sales video templates across wide range of popular online & offline niches.

Both Done-For-You Full Marketing Video Templates & The Ability To Make Them Truly Your Own

While you can also use those click & swap video templates “as is” to create complete videos, those are not your typical video templates.

Those are Promoyze proprietary click & swap ready video templates, which allow you to not only replace almost every single image, text, and clip on them, but also move elements around.

Plus you can replace provided voice over with your own or text-to-speech one.

That way, at the same, time Promoyze Club gives you both done-for-you full marketing video templates, the ability to make them truly your own by just click & swap replacing images, text, clips, and voice over on the templates.

Ever Growing Library

As you see, being a Club member simply grants you so many more opportunities for creating better videos and winning more clients.

Just imagine the size of the opportunity you have with it. With the club, whatever videos prospects need, you can provide.

This is a growing library. We are adding more click & swap ready video templates every single month.

Access To Premium Library & Then More Every Month

That means every month you get access to 20 more brand new video templates in your account.

Plus, if you join as part of this special offer, which is available for new Promoyze members only, we will also give you extra 80 video templates completely free,

We could easily sell that bundle for 197 dollars, but you get it for just signing up for the Promoyze Club today.