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Graphitii.You’re going to love it.Fire it up and create the best-goddam-looking blog posts on the internet.Supercharge your social media.Electrify your marketing.Your engagement is going to be bigger than Brad and Angelina’s.

But, Before You Go Ahead And Annihilate Your Competition… There’s Something You Should Know:

Every cinemagraph you make will live or die by the quality of the video you use.

And shooting video that’s good enough for cinemagraphs is a skill very few people have mastered.

It should be no great surprise that shaky, handheld camera-phone footage screams AMATUER louder than the front row of America’s Got Talent.

So, what to do?

You could buy yourself a tripod, and dust off the old DSLR, but even then you could spend days trying to shoot the perfect footage.

Finding good quality video online is possible. It’s less time consuming. But it’s far more expensive.

Shutter Stock offer a discount if you buy a pack. But that doesn’t make it cheap. A pack of 25 HD videos will still set you back a hefty £1,149 (That’s $1,435!).

While other people waste hours trying (and often failing) to get the shot…

You’ve got hundreds of perfect pre-shot videos to choose from.

While others are coughing up thousands of dollars for a limited supply stock video… You’ll never have to pay for a stock video again…It’s game over for anyone who steps into the ring with you. The fight should be declared a NO CONTEST.And that’s not all:

Graphitii Club Members Don’t Have Hassle, They Have Style.

There’s nothing to it.Our professional videographers do all the heavy lifting. Doing what they do best every month, and shooting you beautiful HD video.Then - because not all video is right for a cinemagraph - we choose the best 50 cinemagraph-ready videos and upload them to your account ready for you to use.