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Hey Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you want to truly succeed online, there are really only 3 things you truly need. Get these three things right and you'll be writing your own money ticket in no time.  Get them wrong and you'll stay stuck on the online hamster wheel of failed results.

So...what are those three things you ask?


You need an offer, traffic, and conversion. (We'll come back to that in a minute...)

Now, I know you're probably thinking it takes a ton of time trying to create your own offer/product, but nowadays - you don't necessarily need to.

Here, let me explain...

See, there are a ton of people out there who create products everyday.

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And honestly, they just sit out there in the digital graveyard dying a slow and painful death. Sure, some of these products aren't worth the skin off a monkey's butt, but some of them are actually quite good.  Heck, incredible even.

So what if I told you that you could tap into those existing products while making a ton of money in the process?

And all without any:

  • Setting up membership platforms
  • Dealing with annoying tire kickers or draining customers
  • Maintaining and updating products and websites

Would that interest you? We're sure it would.  This my friend, it's what's known as affiliate marketing - just in case you didn't know that already.

Now, We're sure you've heard of affiliate marketing if you've been online for a least 6 months.

But what you HAVEN'T heard, is HOW some of the most successful super affiliates fly under the radar and make so much money that it'll make you blush.

All the while, most other affiliate marketers don't even make enough to pay their cable bill.

(hmmmm...why is that?)

If You Want to Effortlessly Boost Your Affiliate Commissions In The Next 24 Hours, Then Keep Reading...


See, while most affiliates slave away at their computers struggling to make a few sales, we’re practically raking cash in hand over fist...with only a fraction of the effort!

Our affiliate efforts alone have generated close to $3 Million dollars in commissionable sales across multiple niche markets and for 100’s of products in the past 2 years alone.

So you might think we know a thing or two when it comes to making money from and being successful with affiliate promotions right?

With all of the rigorous testing, failed ideas, money spent and lost, - we’ve learned the little nuances of what it takes to make it as a successful affiliate.

But better than that, we know what it takes to go from absolute zero to super affiliate fast!

And if you really want to know for yourself...I mean REALLY want to know what the secret ingredient is, then take the next few minutes to finish reading this letter.

Our Affiliate Marketing Efforts Makes Us More Money In A Month Than Most People Make In A Year...While At The Same Time Giving Us A Ton of Time Freedom & Incredible Lifestyle.
May We Show You How To Do The Same?

Now we could go on and on about all of our successful efforts, but this isn’t about us.

It’s about you.

And how you’re going to breakthrough the barrier of little to no affiliate sales.  Or even if you are making a ton of affiliate sales, we’re going to show you how to do it without working all kinds of ungodly hours.

However...if you want to know how super affiliates make a ton of cash then I’ll reveal their secret right here and now.

They use bonus pages.  (gasp!)

Ok, maybe you knew that already, but do you know how to craft a bonus page that converts customers and sucks cash out of their wallets on demand?

And even if you do know, could you create those types of pages in only minutes?  No?

See, it’s a very simple formula:  Find a targeted offer for your audience, create a short review and add value with bonuses - Then sit back and watch as a potentially average promo turns into a staggering amount of cash!

Now remember earlier I said you needed 3 things to really become successful online?  While we already talked about the possibility of products, where you need to focus as an affiliate marketer is on traffic (see bonus below) and conversion.

Especially conversion.  And luckily for you, We’ve taken care of that.

As a matter of fact, We’ve made converting affiliate traffic so simple, you’ll wish you started using this long ago.

Our conversion rates consistently prove it (with this success formula we typically see 3 to 5 times higher conversions than average affiliates) ... And we bank thousands of dollars every month doing something that's fun.

However, we  only wish what we’re about to reveal to you was available when We first started our affiliate marketing journey.

Because if it were, we would have saved ourselves a ton of time and headaches!

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But here’s where you get to maximize on all our past pain and failures.  As a matter of fact, it still gets under our skin to see so many people fail at affiliate marketing.  Especially when we not only have a passion for it, but know the true power of affiliate marketing AND the freedom of lifestyle it can bring.

So we got to work.  Not only to solve and automate a lot of what it takes for us to have successful affiliate promotions, but so that anyone (even a newbie non-technical grandma), could cut the learning curve and start seeing successful results from their affiliate marketing efforts.

And today, we’d like to share that solution with you.

I’ve been doing list building for a long time now and there has never been anything like this.

Here’s what’s happening, in a nut shell.

Facebook will basically allow you to get the emails of anyone who clicks on your Lead Ad campaigns (the new feature in Facebook) and you can legally add these email addresses DIRECTLY to your autoresponder account.

A subscriber will just need to voluntarily click on a link inside Facebook and their email address will instantly be yours.

In short, you are building a list of thousands… Even millions of people, just by someone clicking on your ads, and then you own them for life.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, everything is 100% Guaranteed Facebook Approved.

Sounds perfect, Right?

Well, almost…

You see Facebook has pretty much left the process unfinished.

The problem is that the actual process of getting the leads into your autoresponders (or your CRM systems and webinar platforms)— is beyond tedious.

Frankly… It’s a nightmare!

It’s inefficient, at best… and it’s a MAJOR pain in the back side.

So, what I did is I partnered up with a couple of brilliant guys and we co-created a software to automate the entire process for you.

We created a “tunnel” that will instantly capture your leads actually email address (the most used email address they signed up to Facebook with), and the software will then safely shuttle that email address DIRECTLY into your autoresponder— automatically.

We basically removed all the grunt work and allowed for an easy, seamless integration.


We’ll you just have to see them for yourself.

Watch this short demonstration, as I show you in real time EXACTLY how it’s done.